One text can be seen through a wide variety of lenses.

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Assessment Method

Genre: Blogging/Vlogging/Podcasting

Audience: Global audience

Purpose: Analyse and argue

Feedback: MYP criteria levels


Description of Assessment

Explore one of the following options:


1) A TV / Radio Film Review

Produce and record a monologue or discussion of the film that could

appear on radio or TV. The Slate Culture Gabfest is a great podcast for movie reviews

Use Mark Kermode as a style model. You can find his blog here with links to his radio and TV appearances

2) Blog post

600 – 1000 words reviewing the film. Use any relevant film blog, such as those found in the

The New Yorker


You should use all the features of an online film blog including embedding videos and hyperlinking.

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Starting from here:

Select any one of the following short films to analyze from this listly.

You will write up a 300-500 word blog post reviewing the film you selected.

Be sure to integrate the Film Analysis terminology.  Be sure to also discuss any codes, signs, or conventions you see in your film.

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