Getting some protein in our Written Task


Whether you are in the first or second year of the IBDP, chances are you will need to be cracking a few eggs. 

No, this isn’t The Breakfast Club.  This is Language and Literature. 

Newsflash, paper is technology.

Yes. Really.

Sometimes the best tool in the kit is that trusty post-it note.   So, let’s make an egg of that post-it note to signify our understanding that sometimes an idea can be a chicken in the making.  Maybe I could have phrased that better.  Let’s look at the Written Task Fried Egg Fast Fry Up.

STEP ONE:  Take one idea from your WT in the making and add it to the post-it note.



STEP TWO:  Ask our amazing writers to stand and circulate amongst the eggs.  They should now be making connections on the egg whites:  Which resources have we already used in class which could potentially help push this yolk forward?



STEP THREE:  What has a ‘little help from our friends’ done to help us reformulate an idea?  What can we use to ensure that when this yolk evolves it will be the smartest chicken on the block?



NOW WHAT?  Remind yourself that every WT needs to take some time to crack open our ideas, even if they feel gooey and inedible.



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