Re-examine your pre-exam practice


“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

The IBDP end of course exams are just one week away. It is showtime, go-time, but most importantly it should be play time.

So, how can you gamify your IBDP Language and Literature course? 



OFFICIAL RULES FOR “The Thesis Throwdown”

Divide your class into two teams.  Each team must come up with a team name, a victory move, and an almost-not-quite move. 

Post your mock Paper 2 question (see above).  Questions should be outlandish, but still conducive to talk about your texts.  Teams are allowed five minutes to come up with their thesis statement.

Use your thesis calculator (any brain will do) to calculate the better thesis of the two.  DO NOT ANNOUNCE YOUR CALCULATIONS immediately.  Instead, allow each team to guess the winner.  The winning thesis statement receives one point.  Teams who guess the correct winning statement also receive one point. 

After three rounds of play, half time is called.  At this point, each team must designate a coach.  Coaches give 3 minute motivational speeches.  The coach who provides the best IB-esque advice wins their team a point.

Be sure to have the team perform their victory moves, and almost-not-quite moves at the appropriate times.  The Thesis Throwdown is not a game to be played from the seat of a chair. 



Assign two teams, again teams need names, and appropriate celebratory and DOH! moves.

For each literary feature, teams will have 5 minutes to construct a frozen image meant to clarify that term.  Each team may have a narrator to explain the image to the audience.


Again, allow the teams the opportunity to guess which tableaux is the winning image.  Award points for their correct guess, as well as a point for the best explanation of the term. 

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. Plato




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