12 responses to “Tough Guise

  1. I think while girls like myself are trying to look pretty, guys have a similar issue where they have to look macho, like riding-a-shark-with-explosives-into-a-volcano-macho.

  2. some people still stereotype that “real” men as the big, strong, athletic and tough guys rather than small, smart, nerdy, or geeky guys

  3. The fact that man are still trying to be strong, respected, scary, and many more can be found in today’s society. How their parents treat them can affect how they will treat those around them. This will then give them the peer pressure to try to be strong and respected; and it may cause in violence.

  4. After weeks of working based on the feminism in Missrepresentation, it’s quite a shocking change to see the opposite side of the spectrum in Tough Guise. I’m not saying that the change is bad nor good, but it definitely opens up my perspective and mind more on how the media deeply affects both genders, not just females.
    The statistics made the points put forward very believable and strong. After reflecting on the community around me, I can say that this idea that guys have to be masculine and strong is true. I see mocks and insults to guys who don’t act tough all the time in movies and even social media such as facebook and twitter.

  5. I think that it’s true that most guys would put up this “tough guy” exterior and feeling the need to be scary or be in a higher position of authority, but their reason would be because other guys are also like that. For example, a woman feel safer walking at night with another “tough guy” than just a nerd or a quiet guy. The guy then feels like they have to look scary and unafraid, in order to “protect” the woman from other “tough guys”. The cycle continues on, and society now believes that the ideal guy would be “tough” because they would feel secure and protected.

  6. I think this is still pretty true in our society today, although not as seriously accepted now. Gender equality has been improving much better today. We can see this from how much of the professional chefs today are men (while in the past people believed cooking should be for women). Gay marriage are also much accepted now, with more open minded people in the society.

  7. No one will ever be please with how they look and how they are. No matter whether it’s male or female, everyone will always want to be or look like someone else. So yes, I do think that the idea of male wanting to be more macho still exists because of this idea that “the grass is greener on the other side” or that they’re never good enough

  8. men try to express themselves by showing they are tough, strong and brave. most guys want to be like that because most girls look up to guys who have those kind of looks.

  9. Yes, this is still true in many instances. Even in our school, although students are just doing it for fun, we do arm-wrestling among the boys to fine who is the real “man”. It seems like the idea of masculinity and strength is still dominant when shaping a man’s authority and identity.

  10. Similarly as women being judged of their feminism through their physical attributes, men are also influenced by the media of being ‘masculine’ when they fulfill the physical attributes that the media and the society sets, which are tough, strong, muscular, and even violent. Men feel obligated to look ‘tough’ and ‘gentle’ because they feel as though they are more superior than women, and that look will somehow be acknowledged by women.

  11. Just like women, men face the pressure of the society and media too. They have their own problems. The explanation about men being stuck and that they have to fit in the box seem to be important. Its only the women that receives the insults, judgements and being bullied, the guys are facing the same problems. Probably even more harsh, given the fact that they (the bulies) feel that they have to be masculine. No matter whether its in the past or now, media still have the same effect on people.

  12. This concept of being a tough guy is still very much around today. I know members of my family that still believe that being tough and learning martial arts is very important. They believed that if you have power, respect would come along with it. To be honest I don’t think this way of thinking that we have will ever change. If we look early human beings such as the Neanderthals or Cro-Magnon. We see that even then the leader of their clique would always be the male that is toughest, smartest or sometimes the oldest. This was an era where there was no electricity, where fire was the our biggest discovery. Since there was no media to influence their thoughts you have to wonder how much this idea is ingrained to our natural instincts.

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