12 responses to ““If there is a handbook, you probably get to write it yourself,” Ze Frank

  1. My handbook on being who i am would just say how you should just be true to yourself, as well as others. However, also try to accept what other people thinks and likes, as everyone have their own handbook, and you have to respect that.

  2. I’d tell the readers not to worry about what other people are going to say; just be who you are but remember to respect others. There isn’t another you, so might as well just be yourself!

  3. As cliche as it sounds, speak your mind. Ignore what others have to say and do what you have to to work your way up to your goal

  4. Be confident to make a change; don’t wait for anything, don’t depend on anyone.

    To get the best out of you, do what you believe in.

    Be you, and then go from there.

  5. work hard, try your best, and stop comparing yourself to others. Be you, be unique, and do your own thing.

  6. Look for something that makes you happy. Be a good friend to others. Don’t chase after what the world wants, chase after what you want. Don’t worry, be happy(:

  7. We shouldn’t care about how other people perceive us
    Don’t be too hard on yourself, remember to compliment the good things about yourself and not just focus on the bad

  8. Handbook on Being Yourself
    1. Everyone is made differently for a reason. There are similarities, but we can’t find duplicates of ourselves anywhere, and that makes us special. We just need to keep that in mind.
    2. No matter how positive someone is, there’s certainly a negative side to them. Don’t get fooled by what you see.
    3. Be truthful to yourself

  9. My handbook on being yourself would say – be yourself so that with time and patience you will eventually find a couple of others who are similar to you. You only need a couple.

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