Showtime 12 ThArts!




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DUE WEDNESDAY  Complete the document here, post it to your blog, and email the link to Ms. Tricia.

Thinking about all that theatre has to offer:


For a look at the rubric, check this out:



Rough Draft:  September 2nd

Final Draft:  October 11th

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Let’s check out a sample RI from an HL candidate:




Your next performance date will be in October too!  You are asked to work as a whole class, and prepare a short (2-3) minute performance to jump start our CAS assembly.  The theme for CAS this year is ‘interACTions.’  As a group, you will work collaboratively to devise your performance. 

Your starting place? Pick one ‘text’ to use as inspiration.

A) “Connection causes change.  Everyone you interact with is changed forever.  The only questions are:  How will they be different? and How different will they be?” by Seth Godin




You need to base your performance in your learning from yr 1 of the course.

Your journal will play a pivotal role in the devising of this performance.  For a bit more help with your journal, click ME.

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