Let’s get Yr 2 Started!

Soon to be Grads, get ready!

Soon to be Grads, get ready!


1) Peter and Steph

2) Vanca and Jessuita

3) Danny and Jason

Next on Tuesday:

1) Andy/Brian/Angghi

2) Shella/Christabel

After you have had two classes to polish off your presentations, we will get ready to showcase your learning.  After each FOA, I will ask a series of questions.  They are:

1)  What IS your answer to the guiding question:  GUIDING QUESTION: “How are the media trying to persuade and shape the public opinion or a culture?”
2)  How did you meet the learning objective:  Learning Objective: Show an awareness of the potential for educational, political or ideological influence of the media
3) What were the key words of your FOA and why?
4)  How did your resources inspire this FOA?

Your eBook reflective document is due Monday, August 26th.  Please have the IBA file on a USB for Ms. Tricia.  No marks will be provided without that document completed.

For all details of the eBook reflective document, please see this link here:  ME, I’m the link that you want!

Eyes on assessment, the FOA rubric is here!

For those of you ready to keep ahead of the game, check out these resources for Arthur Miller’s play.  That’s up next on our play deck!

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