#wnowclub media blitz

It is time to rally our troops (I.D. time yo, is over) 😉

Share our work as wide and as far as you can.  This means, using any

and all of your

social media networks.

In teams (2-3 Ss per group please) you are asked to do the following:

1.  Respond to any 1-3 of the questions, using our #wnowclub tag

2.  Share the blog post via email/FB/Twitter/Skype/Pinterest with as many people

as possible :  http://blogs.swa-jkt.com/swa/triciafriedman/2013/06/03/our-first-international-ebook-club/

3.  Create a physical sign, letting our community know they should be

joining #wnowclub too.  Your sign should be done with creativity at its core.

There is a lot of signage on campus.  How will yours stand out?  For inspiration,

click me.  You are asked to please take a photo of your poster and post it to your

blog.  (#3 is due tomorrow)

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