How Christoph Niemann can introduce DP thinking skills

The DP demands critical thinking:  asking why, analyzing connections, deconstructing avenues on their way to making meaning.

What does that mean for grade 10 students in June?

Give your brain a boot camp.  Let your camp counselor be none other than the amazing thinker:  Christoph Niemann.

Let’s get to know Mr. Niemann by watching him in action here:  CLICK ME!

How does Mr. Niemann provoke critical thinking?  Check out his amazing work “Let it Dough!” click here please.

Where does Mr. Niemann find art?  Click here to find out.

How is he changing the way we communicate?  Why would he want to do this?  Click here please.

And now, the grand finale…How is Niemann using language to better understand his own identity?  One last click here.

Your response needed:  LINK.RELATE.EXPLORE

In teams of 3-4 students.

1.  How do any of Niemann’s works link to questions you have pondered, lessons you have learnt from across your MYP endeavors?

2.  Relate Niemann’s work to your own experience with the world.

3.  Explore:  which of Niemann’s works would you recommend a friend explore, and why?

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