In House Grade 9 Class Assembly

On Monday, we will host our own Class Assembly.

In teams, as noted below, you are asked to prepare the following:

1) A performance:  Our year in English in 60 seconds or less

2) Present your award for Collaborative Captain.  This should be awarded to the student with whom you most enjoyed collaborative work.  Explain your selection, and present a certificate of achievement.

3) Present your award for Leadership to one of your peers.  You should classify that person’s leadership based on the descriptors present in this article (click here).  As a team, you can decide on how you would like to award your peer.


Raga/Jessica/Bishka/Candice/Ha Young

Nabila/Josan/Isfan/Han Gyue/Gary

Kathleen/Do Yeon/Min Seo/ Steven/ Anindya

Do Young/ Jing Ting/ Boris/ Shoko/Lidya




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