Are we on target, grade 11?

Click the target to see how the Paper 1 Target Chart can help your exam paper.

Let’s review the buddy papers, available HERE.

Let’s think about how you would have assessed another work.

HL Paper 1 Rubric

SL Paper 1 Rubric

Please post as a response to this post:

a) Your scores for one other paper

b) How ‘on target’ that paper was

Ready for more practice?


Text B

“Can We Make Math Pink?” Overcoming Gender Inequality
by Gwen Sharp, PhD, Aug 10, 2010, at 11:42 am


5 responses to “Are we on target, grade 11?

  1. Christabel and Peter – Analyzing WJ, Tasha, Shella’s

    Criteria A: 2 – there is minimal comparison
    Criteria B: 3 – the analysis is quite thorough but very minimal analysis on text B
    Criteria C: 4 – it’s incomplete, there is a lack of coherence but it is well organized as the ideas are not clashed but instead properly separated
    Criteria D: 4

  2. Jason

    Peter, Christabel, Raihan

    A: 4
    B: 3
    C: 3
    D: 5

    They have good comparison of the two texts and they have a good use of language. They can improve the discussion of the stylistic features more. The introduction for the essay is good.

  3. Stephanie & Jason (HL)
    A: 5
    B: 4
    C: 4
    D: 4

    Overall it’s an excellent paper 1. They covered context well because they mentioned the speaker, occasion, and setting. They covered movement – they took the texts apart in order to compare and contrast and was structured well. Their use of language was satisfactory as they observed stylistic features but did not meet full requirement in order to express the main idea of the two articles. They met all aspects of key ideas and their findings were both specific and broad and analyzed emotion well.

  4. Won Jun and Shella – Analyzing Steph and Jason

    Criteria A: 4 – The comparison and contrasts between two texts were very good
    Criteria B: 3 – Steph and Jason did not really mention much about how authors used stylistic features and its effect. However they mentioned “symbolism” in their paper 1 essay.
    Criteria C: 4 – The paper is effectively organized with great structure.
    Criteria D: 3 – The language is clear and organized. There were few grammatical errors.

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