Gr 11 Exam Training

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TURN IN TIME:  Please upload your WT1 HERE


DUE THURSDAY:  Final Draft of your WT1 with the rationale, works cited, and your cover sheet (Full name, Date, Word Counts, “This work is entirely my own” signed)

Tomorrow, you will begin ‘buddy-authoring’ your paper response to the above practice exam.  Please pair in SL/HL appropriate teams.  No teams larger than three, please.



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5 responses to “Gr 11 Exam Training

  1. Jason, Steph, Vanca, Natasha:
    – main idea: they are similar in a way because they both mention something about how beauty should be valued and is important, but the difference is that the blog encourages women to fight for what they believe is beautiful despite what the media say is beautiful (Caucasian, blond, blue-eyed)
    – intended audience: Jazz’s post if for women because she clearly says “Did you hear that, ladies?”, while the object of the image is of two girls.
    – purpose: the blog post talks about how women are all beautiful the way they are, but the second one shows how women fight each other to look more beautiful and they need clothes and fashion to enhance their beauty

  2. Jess, WonJun, Shella and Brian:
    1. Media aims at the insecurities of women, and diminishes their confidence
    2. I don’t know if anyone else is picking up on this, but it kinda seems to be enforcing our very narrow cultural perception of “beauty”: young, light-skinned, thin.
    3. shopping is most likely linked to appearance, this ad is trying to say that girls value appearance is more than friendship.

  3. Group: christabel, danny, raihan, and peter

    1. Idea: Talk about how society seems to prioritize outer beauty above a lot of other more necessary things.
    2.audience: Young adults
    3. talk about symbolism and actual quotes
    “You’re more beautiful than you think” –> even though they mentioned beauty, they did not mention inner beauty, promoting something different and implementing this idea on the audience that beauty is only defined by your outer appearance.
    4. Purpose: first one warning us informing us the nature of advertisement first on, how ads prioritize certain thing

  4. Text A:
    Perspective (biased – her thoughts and view on this, but it’s a given seeing as it’s a blog post).
    Her tone and writing style are both very submissive.
    A lot of negative feedback towards this video except some little positive aspects.

    Text B:
    Violence glorified in the text.
    The subject used are both girls.
    Negative connotation of girls when it come to materialistic things.

  5. Nadia, Albert and Elita

    What Dove does is help bring up the self esteem of women of all ages. The documentary shows how media bears major responsibility in socially conditioning the true meaning of beauty.

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