REvisualize your Infographics

Lego minifigures

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A reminder…what does an infographic do?

Click here for this helpful reminder.


And what do visual notes do?

Ah…so now we can get ready to go for the gold.

#lego minifig Champion Swimmer(2 faces), series 7Creative Commons via Flickr By Mary Beth Wilkes

For Friday’s infographic:

1)  What is our data? Look at your visual notes…what essential information is there?

2)  How can we sort the information?

3)  What sort of arrangement of the data would be a best fit approach? Your design should be purposeful.

USE your iPads!  here is a link to great apps to be using CLICK ME!

4) PRESENT your findings!  Do it in a way that communicates with power and meaning.  Oh…and make sure you do it ETHICALLY.  Creative Commons all the way, or create the image yourself.  Be concise, be creative.  
I legoed a 'derivative-work' of the Creative Commons logo Creative Commons on Flickr via R.B. Boyer

16 responses to “REvisualize your Infographics

  1. After filtering and looking through hipster-flitered photos of the notes I feel that Josan’s group has the best visual notes because there are a lot of pictures with necessary notes.

  2. I think Kathleen’s group had a lot cool notes, their notes were well illustrated and we didn’t need a lot of explanation to understand what the images represent. The pictures were clear in their meaning.

  3. To me, the best infographic was Kathleen and Shoko’s. They not only summarized the story of the Hunger Artist but also conveyed its meaning through their art, how we should not let our desires and goals control us too much.

  4. Our group really thinks that Do Young’s visual notes were very impressive and their explanation was both detailed and easy to comprehend. Therefore, their visual notes were the most memorable.

  5. I think that the visual notes that were the most interesting (out of the ones I saw today) was Josan’s Group’s. It had explained on what the Hunger Artist was about, what they though was the main point of the story and also what the morals are.

  6. I think the best visual note that I seen just now was Josan’s team. Why I choose his team, it’s because their visual notes is very easy to understand. The drawing was simple, but easy to understand. He summarize the story a lot, and it became 1 page.

  7. I think that Josan’s group had the best visual notes and gave us things that was very memorable. The drawing was very simple and yet each of the images are very symbolic.

  8. The best visual notes that I think best describes the story, was Josan’s group’s notes. I think his notes are easy to understand and he really summarizes the story into one page of notes, with good visual drawings.

  9. Our group thinks that Do Young’s group visual note was really good because they put specific drawing about their story.

  10. The best Visual Notes that I personally think is Shoko’s group, since it contains a lot of infomation and views the story deeply. Finding and digging out hidden meanings from the stories.

  11. I think bishka’s visual notes were the most impressive and interesting. It was about the story called “I.D.” Their drawings were easy to comprehend and they described well.

  12. I think that the visual notes that was the most interesting was Kathleens group that I saw today. They summarized the hunger artist well. We didn’t need a lot of explanation from the others to understand the visual images.

  13. I think Bishka’s team visual notes were simple but interesting. It explained the plot of the story in a simple way.

  14. I think that bishka’s group was the best because it was very simple but at it showed the story. Her picture note taking was memorable and also it was impressive. Her story was ID. our group read this story and we could see that the story was shown perfectly.

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