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Rehearsing failure, rehearsing success

The active imagination has no trouble imagining the negative outcomes of your new plan, your next speech or that meeting you have coming up.

It’s easy to visualize and even rehearse all the things that can go wrong.

The thing is: clear visualization, repeated again and again, doesn’t actually decrease the chances you’re going to fail. In fact, it probably increases the odds.

When you choose to visualize the path that works, you’re more likely to shore it up and create an environment where it can take place.

Rehearsing failure is simply a bad habit, not a productive use of your time.

Posted by Seth Godin on February 26, 2013


Turning in work

No staples

No double sided papers

Separate Work Cited Page

Only use your own images, or those under CC

Cover page MUST include:  Full Name, SL or HL, Title of work, Word count for rationale, Word count for text, a signature from you under the following:  “This is entirely my work.” Date your signature.

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