10’s Manufacture Perspective

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Important Due Dates:

(Rationale will be Independent)

Rough Draft Rationale and Video:  February 25th

FINAL WORK Rationale and Video:  MARCH 4th


FINAL task:  All three criteria:  Creating Your Text

In teams of no more than three students, you will create a video using only self-made resources (this includes music).  You must design your video in a way that formulates a specific perspective for your audience.  You will present your video, and explain your choices, and your intentions in a rationale of 350-450 words.  Your video should be no more than three minutes in length, and no less than 2.5 minutes in length.  Part of the requirement for this task will be writing blog posts to document your process. You will be expected to comment on the blogs of your classmates, and to engage in an online conversation.  Your ability to reflect on your learning while it is happening will be essential in this unit.

What must the rationale do in 350-450 words?

This will be an in class writing assessment

*Explain what influenced your work (Hitchcock or a director’s work in one of our viewing texts from this unit)
* Explore how 4-5 directorial techniques BLEND to create perspective
* Clearly express the intentions behind your perspective:  What do you want your audience to think and feel?
*Explain your choices, and explain what decisions you needed to make as a team
*Clarify why certain directorial techniques were necessary, while others not needed
*Discuss how well you feel the final work conveys your message


Let’s discuss assessment:

Creative Commons via Flickr By zwl88

You will be assessed once more via Peer Board Review (we will mix classes)

Click here to see your assessment rubric.

How will I be assessed for Criteria B and C?


Good sites to go to for ‘usable’ content:




What can I use for notes during the in-class writing?

Rationale Planning Gr 10
Manufacturing Perspective on PhotoPeach

3 responses to “10’s Manufacture Perspective

  1. Our video will bring the audience into the perspective of a small world. The main meaning behind the text is looking at the world from a different perspective, the perspective of miniatures to be exact. The idea is to use mini-figures and putting them on our daily life sites, then by using camera techniques, we will bring the audience into their eye level to see what they see.

    ~Reyhan & Joey~

  2. Our video will portray how people react to fear. We will describe how different perspective of looking at fear can change the feelings. The emotions of the character will be shown clearly through different camera techniques. Moreover, the music will also help to build up the suspense.

    – Minsun & Jiyeon-

  3. Our video will be a short mystery film. It is about discovering one’s identity through visual perspective of each characters. It will not contain any dialogue as it relies heavily on visual cues and various cinematic techniques that point out important plot elements.

    – Andrew, Gary, Liam.

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