9oetry for 9rotest

How does grade 9 make their poetry analysis visible?



Checking out our videos on PhotoPeach

After you have watched each team’s work, pick the video which you think BEST illustrates collaboration.  Post the video to your blog, and comment in 50-75 words WHY you think it does so. 

Getting ready to hit the stage.  Here are your guidelines for your poem and your rationale. CLICK ME!!!

DUE MONDAY, February 18th:  Poetry Proposal, printed and ready for review.  Here is the Poetry Proposal Document.

Also DUE MONDAY, complete your “I Am A Poet” poster.  Please have the document printed in A4 format.  Your poster needs to follow this template (courtesy of Pages):


Key due dates:

Rough draft Poem+Rationale=February 22nd

FINAL DRAFTS=February 25th

Performances begin=March 4th


MONDAY:  Complete the peer review for your proposal.  Click here for that document.

Due Monday:  a live performance of your finalized poem for the whole class…in the STYLE of one of our Def Poetry Jam Poets.  Poets PLAY with language.  Pick a style that works for your poem.




Peer Review on PhotoPeach


Friday’s Peer Check-up Form is live...HERE

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