5 responses to “An infographic on collaboration types

  1. I think that this is a very informative and represents the different collaborative types- and gives a clear description on each of the each characters in detail. I definitely see myself in this infographic- I see myself as being the executive, as I am always taking control and taking charge during group tasks, I want to make sure that the job gets done ON TIME. I think that this is list is very complete, nothing is missing.

  2. I think I did see myself portrayed here. I think my self as a the ring leader because I like to be the leader and to encourage people to get into their specific goal. My thoughts about this infographic is that it’s easy for people to understand and decide themselves through the explanation provided and I don’t think anything is missing from this infographic.

  3. Everyone thinks “The Taskmaster” best suits me. Well, I also personally feel that too because I’m always the person that reminds my team members about deadlines and organizing all necessary information.

  4. I am a big mix of these nine types of collaborators. I am a mix of the ringleader, the expert, the soloist, and the taskmaster, so four in one. Sometimes, depending on my mood, I switch between these four. Sometimes I take the lead, but sometimes I stay back, and let people lead, and I follow. So I switch a lot between these four, it all depends on the situation to determine who I am, I guess.

  5. Perhaps, I could be close to being a Siloist. I prefer to do things offline and spend time at home, than doing work at school. I contribute to the group by doing most of the things offline. I am not usually the communicative type, because I take time to think. My brain process quite long to think of an idea. But don’t normally lost files, like siloist does. I think I’m quite an organized-offline worker.

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