32 responses to “Welcome Guest Photographer to our E-village!

  1. Q1 from Adric: What elements are needed to manufacture perspective in a photograph?

    Hi Adric, in my photography, I am interested mainly in portraiture, and the perspective I hope to capture depends on the personality of the subjects. For instance, the first image is a portrait of a formidable woman who is the head of her household. I shot her from a lower angle in a power stance to illustrate this.

  2. Q2 from Andre: How do I handle perspective manufacture through the eye of the camera?

    Hi Andre, there are lots of ways to capture and manufacture perspective with a camera. One way is to control the angle from which I am shooting. If I shoot a subject straight ahead or from a slightly lower angle, I can illustrate his or her power or strength. I can also isolate or include subjects and detail with adjustment to aperture to control my depth of field.

    • Thanks Ms Gena. I really appreciate your answer but from your picture taken, how can you briefly describe the details and specification from the visual? How you can you develop your understanding from the picture?

  3. Q3 from Dave: Why do I like photo shooting?

    Hi Dave, this is a simple question that requires a complex answer! First, I love being able to capture a fleeting moment in time, especially of human interaction and emotion. Second, I love observing light and how it controls shapes, lines, colors and shadows/highlights. The root meaning of the word “photography” is “light play”, after all.

  4. Q4 from Elena: How do I find inspiration for my photographs?

    Hi Elena, this is another simple question with a complex answer! Inspiration comes from many places. I love to tell a story with my photography, so I am always inspired by the environments of my subjects, and the details of their lives that can be incorporated into an image.

  5. Q5 from Elena: What do I think is the most important element of manufacturing perspective in photography?

    Hi again Elena, I don’t think there is one single element that conveys perspective in an image. The elements of an image must all work together to give perspective. Perspective can be manufactured or controlled using one or more of the following elements: direction of light, angle of shooting, depth of field, or composition, to name a few elements.

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  7. Q6 from GaHyeon: How can different photographic techniques be used to manufacture perspective?

    Hi GaHyeon, There are lots of tools and techniques that can be used to manufacture perspective in photography. To discuss a few techniques: 1) you can control your exposure to create a very brightly-lit image, or a dark, heavily shadowed scene, 2) you can shoot at different focal lengths to define and control the relationship between the subject(s) and their environment. For example, a wide angle shot would incorporate many additional elements into a frame; these elements would determine the subject’s place in the photographic “story”.

    • Thank you for your time to answer my question in a great detail. I believe that this will help me a lot! 😀

  8. Q7 from Gary: Do I think perspective in a photograph can tell a story, and why?

    Hi Gary, yes, perspective absolutely can tell the story in a photograph. A viewer’s perception of a subject will naturally be influenced by the composition, lighting and shooting angles that the photographer has chosen.

  9. Q8 from Hyuna: How can different camera positions help to manufacture perspective?

    Hi Hyuna, the angle at which I shoot will have an effect on how the subject is represented in the image. I touched upon this idea in my answer to Q1, when I referred to an image I made of a family matriarch (I will send Ms Tricia this image because I don’t see it in your slide show!). I shot her at an angle slightly below her head, so as to portray her as powerful and in charge. I can also do the opposite, such as how I shot the woman sitting in her makeshift red-tented home. In this image, I shot at an equal/slightly higher angle to show my subject as non-confrontational and somewhat vulnerable.

  10. Q7 from Jiyeon: What is the most important photographic skill to manufacture different perspectives?

    Hi Jiyeon, your question is similar to Q5 from Elena, answered above.

  11. Q8 from Joey: How did I use the locations effectively to develop perspective?

    Hi Joey, in the case of these Urban Village images, I wanted to illustrate how these people made their homes out of these dilapidated spaces that had been abandoned and slated for demolition. In the second slide show image, the windowless room that was at once a bedroom, kitchen and storage space serves to tell us that the man in the image is hunkering down to survive the current conditions of his life.

  12. Q11 from Neeraj: How does my camera help you manufacture perspective in my work?

    Hi Neeraj, I think my answers to Q2, Q5 and Q6 address your question.

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  14. Q11 from Nicholas: What plays the most important role in manufacturing perspective?

    Hi Nicholas, apart from the technical aspects of creating the perspective I want in an image, the most important aspect of manufacturing perspective is still the connection I am able to create with my subject. Without this connection, I cannot build a story about my subject and then tell you that story in a photograph.

    • Hi Ms. Gena, thank you for your time to answer my question, I find it really informative. I also hunt photos in my spare time. I will try to apply your technique, which is to build a connection with the subject in my photos.

  15. Q12 from Reyhan: How do I determine the perspective of an image that I am making?

    Hi Reyhan, there is no short answer to your question, but to start, I need to get to know my subject, and decide what kind of story I want to tell about him or her. After this point, I can make decisions about techniques and tools to use to put my subject into this “story”.

    • Thank you for your time in answering my question, I’m a photographer myself, I really appreciate the advice and tips.

  16. Q13 from Sally: What is the most important factor in manufacturing perspective?

    Hi Sally, my answer to Q11 addresses your question well.

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