Grade 9: When is Art a Catalyst for Reform?

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Step one:  upload your “Make the GQ Visible” poster here (you may take a photo of it if it is not electronic)

Step two:  Let’s check out what JR has to say about our GQ  Click here.

Step three:  Be SWA’s top question-maker.  You need to design one question for the director of THIS PROJECT.:

We will be submitting all of your questions to the person who led that artistic project.  The project leader has agreed to answer our questions AND tell us which of the questions was the most intriguing.  We do have a special prize for our winner.

You need to take a photo of yourself WITH your question and YOUR NAME and upload it HERE by the end of our lesson.

Great words to use in your question construction: 

Step four: Like, you know…write a poem of protest:

The full text of Taylor Mali’s work is available here:

Guiding question:  How do you want your generation to sound?  What would you like to change about the people communicate?

We will be reading our poems in class on Tuesday, you know, like the day after like, Monday. Oh and you know, like, you can work in a group of two or like three…you know.


Preparing for our next performance.  In teams no larger than three, you will prepare a performance of one of the poems found here.

Your team needs to have the poem memorized.  All performances will be MONDAY. You may create a slide show/movie to accompany your performance, however it may not include any text.

Why should we memorize poetry???

Step 4.5: 9oetry:  annotate and animate your poem! Your video presentation is due Friday.  You may work in teams of 3-4.

HOW does your poem work to make meaning?

What questions does the poem ask of the reader?

How does the poem develop theme?

What powerful imagery is used, and how?

What is being personified?

Where is a metaphor? 

How does the poet inspire you to inquire?

 Check out excellent examples of poetic devices by clicking here!



Gr9Poetry on PhotoPeach
Gr9Poetry on PhotoPeach

Step five:  Research and find your passion.  Prepare the means to write a poem of protest.

Step seven:  Rough draft/rough performance.  We’ll film these so that you may use them in your reflection/revision.

Analysis of good protest performance: Pick ONE





Step eight:  Rationale and Final Showcase.  Your rationale should be 300-400 words in length.  It must explain how you have used poetry to promote change.  It should showcase an understanding for poetic devices, and an understanding of your performance choices.

ALL POEMS WILL BE PERFORMED in our Theatre for a LIVE audience!

12 responses to “Grade 9: When is Art a Catalyst for Reform?

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  2. Our Tongues
    When did English become such a trend?
    We have lost our heritage,
    We have lost our tongues.
    Our whole conversation is based on a bloody book,
    A book that is filled with strict rules and no flexibility.
    No freedom to explore ourselves,
    To explore our capabilities.
    We have lost the roots that we were born with.
    English has become so natural to us,
    So natural that it replaces our souls.
    The soul that once was filled with the elements that defined us.
    Will our tongues be lost forever?
    Or will it find the path back to us?

  3. Why so careless when we talk?
    Is it a problem?
    Is there anyone who cares?
    I never care, but maybe YOU do
    Why do we have to care?
    This is what I think
    People tell me to watch how I talk…but why?
    This is my mouth and I’m free to say anything
    Not only me but everyone
    Then, why do you even care?

  4. Have you guys realize how awkward it is to go to twitter and getting all those annoying tweets from random people?
    “I just ate MacDonalds”
    “I’m lazy”
    “I’m bored”
    “I’m talking”
    They tweet this kind of stuff every five minutes.

    Why do people post something like that?
    Is it just for attention?
    Do people these days have to go that far, just to get attention of the society?
    have communication comes to the point where we need to talk about everything we do?

    Is it just a trend that cool people does?
    Is Talking nonsense actually cool?

    The thing is, it gets really numerous that we just… don’t care!
    Is this generation gonna continue talking about something that no one cares?
    Or is it just a way of talking so that only you care?

    We need to change this!
    Or we’ll become just like sloths
    who hang on the tree
    to lazy to change
    the fact that their talking

  5. Would you rather suffer from the pain of discipline or the pain of regret?
    Do you always have self control over your words and actions?
    Most people can be impulsive in their own ways.
    Your reflexive reactions, spontaneous sentences.

    You have all the power to control your own mouth.
    To either say things that pleases people;
    or to say things that upsets everyone.
    You will never know what people feel about your words.

    Did you ever think about how your inability control your impulsive behavior can affect others?
    Are today’s generation of humanoids not capable of thinking before each word escapes your mouth?
    Is this what we want our future to develop?
    Change is not impossible, however we can only change together, as one.

    Think before you speak;
    Cause you can never undo the words you say.
    Life is too short;
    to say things that hurts people.

    Jessie and Bishka:)

  6. How do you use your social network???

    Lets take a moment to realize what social networks have become

    Facebook: I’m so mad about it!
    *posted of facebook* I don’t want people to know about it!

    Does anyone see the point of writing it?

    Twitter: I’m stalking Justin Bieber

    Do we need to know?

    Instagram: I just posted a picture of fish and chips in an ‘artistic’ vintage filter! I’m so deep!

    Does it concern the life of humanity that you’re eating ‘deeply’?

    Foursquare: I’m at the mall!!

    Are you indirectly saying come stalk me?

    We would like you, to rethink again what is the function of social media. Is it to tell 700 facebook friends that you are at a restaurant or is it to communicate and share better information with people?


    Why is swearing bad?
    Why is swearing aggressive?
    Why is swearing disrespecting?
    Why is swearing a swearing?

    We feel bad, stressed, shocked,
    We say BLEEEEP
    They say ‘Urgh’, ‘Ouch’, ‘Oops’,

    Is it harsh?
    Well, It’s just an advanced way of expression
    It’s a door to our emotion
    It is expressing.
    Can’t we express ourself?

    -Hayoung, DoYeon

  8. Not talking on the point right away
    Talking around

    Message: Communicate with confidence

    Do not pronounce your words like lips smeared with butter
    Do not mumble your words as if your mouth is filled with water.
    Eye-contact with audience by shooting laser from your eyes
    State your points clearly as a crystal.
    Assert your opinion directly as a pistol.
    Don’t (태우다) let your words ride the Merry-go-Around.

  9. “Hi”
    just carried on passed me fast
    not wanting to open conversation
    no need to waste time
    expecting no further talk
    always get the same answers
    conversation over…
    and that is little talk

    using computer to stalk
    or telephone to talk
    never talk face to face
    look eye to eye
    We don’t take the time,
    to understand why.
    Don’t Talk!
    Don’t Share!
    If you don’t want to make an effort,
    And truly realize,
    This isn’t really connecting.

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