12 responses to “TED as a Write of Passage

  1. How does Karen Thomson Walker utilize our FUNDAMENTALS in her talk?

    Write with Purpose- she wrote with a purpose of discussing fears and communicating her ideas
    Judging- She judges and assesses her own fears as well as other people’s fears
    Ask Why- she is one of the few people who questions her fears. Why do I have fear?
    How your ideas relate- she relates her own ideas about fear to research done by neurobiologists, stories, and the human imagination.
    Tacke big questions- People have question fear for a long time and it’s a big discussion, and she tackles the big question of fear.

  2. Karen Thompson Walker used a lot of fundamentals, like Write with purpose, Be a judge, Ideas relate, big question and Ask why. She said that fears become stories, stories become true fear. Like the men of Essexs, they feared the most plausible and most simple things, cannibals. They didn’t fear the long journey to South America as much, because they were afraid of the cannibals more. People are afraid of the more simple things, not the complex and long. She talked about that some times people use fear to advantage.

  3. How she uses fundamentals in her speech:
    1. The speech allows us to understand what the speaker valued most, in this case how to use fear
    2. Asks (and answers) why people have and believes fear and which they believe
    3. The speaker tackles the big question of how fear is good and how to use it
    4. The speaker relates the topic (fear) into how it can be used in literary aspects
    5. The speaker judges the opinions of herself and others about the topic
    6. The speaker has a purpose of inspiring and giving ideas to people

  4. Karen has used these fundamentals: being a judge, and tackling big questions.
    She tackled the big question about fear, and how we can overcome them and learn something from it. She has judged on how fear can help us learn something by being an author and a reader according to our fear.

  5. She writes for the PURPOSE of showing the idea of what fear is. It’s also straightly related to her TACKLING BIG QUESTIONS of “What does fear actually means?”. She told the audience about her VALUE and what she thinks about fear, and what it’s RELATION with the audience. In the TED talk, she was talking about how we could think of fear as imaginative stories, and she told some of her experiences as a kid. It also allows the audience to think of themselves because she says that everybody had their on fears. She ASK WHY we felt fear and talked about it. She also JUDGE how the reader could both have artistic view and scientific view. And what she thinks about the story of salvation at sea.

    I think she did apply a huge amount of “Fundamentals of Writing” in her speech. And it gives the impression from the reader, saying that “This speech is interesting”.

  6. Th fundamentals that she has utilized in this particular TED talk are the fundamentals of EXTENDING, BEING INSIGHTFUL and TACKLING GIANT QUESTIONS. She was relating the topic of fear to the minds of others and applying and discussing various situations to real life that relate to the concept of fear. She constantly makes the audience question WHY?, giving them the opportunity to wonder about the things that she are stating. Lastly, the main fundamental she utilizes is tackling big question, in this case she discusses WHY WE HAVE FEARS and WHAT THEY CAN TEACH US?

  7. How does Karen Thomson Walker utilize our FUNDAMENTALS in her talk?
    Purpose. From her talk, she had spoke with purpose. She talked about fear and how fear can be something positive. Judge. She have her own opinions towards her topic and she make connection to what people think of fear. Ask why. She questioned herself. She questioned her fear.Why do people have fear. She relates her ideas to a story. She tackled big questions as to why people fear.

  8. Write for a purpose – she explains fears and she invites the audience to reflect on how do we as individuals, overcome fear?

    Be a judge – She seeks all opinions from different perspectives about fear

    Ask why – She questions herself on how can she overcome fear?

    How your ideas relate – She seeks all opinions about fear by researching survival stories

    Tackle big question – How do we overcome fear? In the end, we have to question ourselves and go through some life-experiences to finally be able to answer that

  9. From her speech, I think most of the fundamentals has been used. First, about the purpose of her talking was talking about fears. Second, about the judging she judges about her own fears and the others. Third, about why she asks why do I have fear. Fourth, about tackle she tackles the big question of fear. At last, she relates her ideas about fear by stories, and human imagination

  10. The author, Karen Thompson Walker, talks about fear in this video, and she uses all 6 fundamentals in the talk. The first one, writing for a purpose, she talks for a purpose, which is to inform us how fear can be helpful, not harmful, and how it can teach us a lot of things about the future. The second, being a judge, she doesn’t show this one that much, but she does give opinions about we should think about fear as different things, how instead of thinking about it as fear, we should think about it as stories. The third fundamental, extending ideas, she does this a lot. When explaining about fear, she gives examples that we have all gone through, which means she relates things to others. When speaking, she is insightful, as even though she focuses on the question of what will happen next and how fear can help us know, she makes us ponder and think, which fear should we listen to? Then in the next fundamental, tackling giant questions, she tackles the question of what will happen next, which is what people are always thinking about, and she answers that question with a response sort of telling us that we should sometimes listen to our fears, because in the event that fear does happen, we can take precautions to control that future. The last fundamental, showing what she values, even though she doesn’t show it obviously, I think that she shows what she values when she talks about how an author should be like, how they have to be judging, and they should judge with a clear head, to have that coolness of judgement, that is what I think she values. So in summary, she does use all fundamentals.

  11. She extends ideas. Some people think differently about what is “Fear”. How would you see fear in other ways, as an imagination perhaps. She uses that, extends it, and created more ideas like “how can you use those fears to help you create stories?”. Other than that, she tackled a big question. Why does the sailors feared one story more than the other.

  12. How does Karen Thomson Walker utilize our FUNDAMENTALS in her talk?

    Write with a purpose – She discuss about fears in her speech.
    How do your ideas relate to others – She relates her ideas with stories, and other people’s imagination.
    Ask why – She ask herself why does fear exist?

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