Write of Passage: the adventure in community writing starts here

In today’s lesson, you can put the final polish on your remix of the above presentation AND…add one slide of your own.  Your recommendation is meant to suggest an important principle for an essay.

During our next lesson, you will present (marketplace style), and the class will vote for the presentation we would like to see posted in our classroom. 

Our first reading for the unit comes from The New York Times.   Whilst reading, take notes on how you see our ‘Write of Passage’ FUNDAMENTALS coming to life in the essay.  You are responsible for blogging about how that essay embraces our FUNDAMENTALs.  Your final assessment will link back to the three blog posts you construct based on our readings.  Be sure to do you best to identify the presence of as many fundamentals as you can.

Thanks for Not Sharing, click here for the essay.

Guiding Question:  What does writing teach the writer?


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