Ideas Can Create

If Ideas can create something….think about what your THESIS statement idea will create.

What NEW ideas could be born from your thesis statement.  New ideas could include new guiding questions, new wonderings, or perhaps counter arguments.  Before you begin working on your draft, post as a response to this the THREE ideas that could come from your thesis.

Be sure your idea can create!

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Getting in the THINK ZONE

12 responses to “Ideas Can Create

  1. 1. Is conforming to society really that bad? Why?
    2. How can people be accepted without conforming to society?
    3. Conforming to a society provide an individual with less chance of success.

    Gary and Steven

  2. Here are the 3 ideas that could be born from my thesis statement:

    1. A new guiding question relate to the idea of societies influence towards an individual’s thoughts and decisions

    2. A further argument relating to negative and positive impacts society can have towards an individual

    3. A further argument relating to the ways a person can rise above standards, still respecting the values of society

  3. I think that the following ideas can be born from my original thesis statement. Amount of individuality one has in the society, the factors of being an outcast or a blend-in nobody and the power the society possesses in terms of influencing people.

  4. What does the word “special” mean?

    Our thesis statement will create the idea that society has power to influence and change someone in different ways. It also explores the idea of speciality in individuals.

    Is it possible that people who fit in to society can also remain ‘special’ and not influenced by society?

  5. I believe that my thesis statement will be meaningful to people, it wouldn’t be much of an argument raiser, however, my thesis statement I think focuses a lot more on morality, I guess. Why do people make the choices they make? Why are they rational to the people who make them? These are the questions that I think will be raised from my thesis statement because when looking at conformity, there is always more than one way to look at it. Someone might think a choice is good, while someone else doesn’t, so choices are only rational to the ones who make them. This concept is something I also want to focus on besides the current subject of conformity because when providing an answer to the guiding question and backing up my thesis statement in the essay, I need to look at conformity from both sides, not just to say whether it is good or not. So the three ideas that my thesis would create are: first, the idea of is conformity good or bad (obvious), second is the reason why people conform or not, and third is when we should conform and when we shouldn’t. After receiving these three ideas, then people would start to raise questions about choices and the rationality of choices that I mentioned before.

  6. My thesis statement:
    Everyone has their own personalities, characteristics, and appearances which make themselves individual from the society. However the environment around will influence people to conform to the society. It is totally up to themselves to conform to the society or to be individual in the society, but it is better to be unique and different from others, than to be always the same.

    1. Why do some people choose to conform to the society than to be different and unique?
    2. In what ways can people be different and unique according to their personalities, characteristics, and appearances?
    3. How and what kind of environment usually gives an impact or influence to the society?

  7. The new guiding question could be something that connect to the thesis like how one can affect choices and decisions people make. Further argument could be how conforming to society could be good to how it can affect a decision.

  8. 1. What will individual conformity do to the society?
    2. Don’t worry about what will the society think about you.
    3. Counter argument : People can be fake but still have a lot of friends.

  9. My Thesis is “An individual has the choice whether to conform or not, but the society will impact the decisions they are making”.
    The ideas that it might create is:
    1. It might inspire people to be more open-minded to the opinions and ideas of other people.

    2. Do you have to make all your decisions based on the opinions that you have received/heard?

    3. Conforming too much to society can negatively affect a person and might be an obstacle for them to succeed.

  10. New ideas that can be created from my thesis statement.
    1.) How can an individual stay true to himself or herself?
    2.) An argument about how society can influence an individual’s participation in society.
    3) People may have different ways to handle the judgmental society. They may stay true to themselves or the otherwise.

  11. In order to fit in one community people need to be different.
    People can be different, everyone don’t have to be the same to fit in one community Our Thesis Statement: People’s surroundings will influence how they express their individual identity sometimes affecting their ability to make free choices.
    I think our thesis statement could create something.

    Anindya & Nabila

  12. 1. Is conforming to society bad or good???
    2. Some people have to change if they want to conform society.
    3. Is it important to conform society

    Raga and Han-Gyue

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