11’s Aim High

Image from Flickr courtesy of By Franco Folini No real name given + Add Contact
This photo was taken on August 25, 2006 in San Francisco, California, US, using a Sony Cybershot.

Aim High grade 11’s!

What does that mean?

Be able to look at FIVE literary devices

Be able to cite five times from the novel in relation to BIG IDEA links

Be able to cite from the podcast twice

Make sure you explore the importance of language used in this novel.

When discussing devices, you MUST be able to explain WHY the author is using it.  What effect does the device have on the reader?  What’s the intention of the author? Can you refer to how these literary devices are used in other parts of the novel?

Where is all of this going?  Remember that you need to be able to SAY SOMETHING ARGUMENTATIVE.  Make a point.  Take one of the BIG IDEAS a step further.

The final frame of your RSA video should work to bring all of your thinking to one solid location.

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