11’s Extract their extracts!

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This photo was taken on March 1, 2012.

Steps to take after your team has an extract.

1.  Read the extract

2.  Read it again

3.  Discuss as a team:  what jumps out at us?  what is the immediate importance of this extract?

4.  Get started looking for the following:

a) Link this extract to AT LEAST two other places in the novel.  How does this extract show or foreshadow character and/or plot development?

b) Explain how AT LEAST two literary devices are used.  Does the author use those literary devices in other places in the novel?  Explain, take another look at our essential literary terms here.

c) Connect the extract to a segment of the author’s talk available here

d) BIG Picture.  How does this extract link with any of the big ideas:

One village can be representative of the entire world.

The language of the text is its very own character.

“…the most important thing about myself is that my life has been full of changes.” Chinua Achebe.  How is that quote from the author carried forward by the novel?

Destiny vs Responsibility:  What does the novel say about that fight?

What role does ‘fear’ play in the novel?

What happens when cultures collide?

How is ‘wrestling’ important to the story (on different levels)?

Can a society ever produce a ‘just world’?

Why is the novel called “Things Fall Apart”?

Your team must complete this target chart, and be ready to present it on FRIDAY:  Click here please.

Click here for your task specific rubric.


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