Rubics Cube Reflection

Rubics cube

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This photo was taken on May 21, 2010 using a Sony Ericsson U10i.

Please click here to see The Cult of Done illustrated.

On your blog, write, explore, and discuss how the Bre Pettis manifesto is related to the process you went through during the construction of your four chapters.  Included in that blog post should be a link to your self-assessment rubric. 

Here is the rubric template, should you need it again

At the end of your blog post, please include a link to your eBook, with the following underneath:

I, (Name), do promise that this work is entirely my work.  I have taken pride in my work.  I am aware that as an IB Learner, I cite appropriately, because I know that I am thankful for the wisdom of others.   I am principled in my learning, and I demonstrate an awareness of ethical learning in practice.

You must ‘sign’ that proviso with a photo of you, preferably taken with an image of your eBook.

If you need help citing, this is the way to go:

This reflection blog post is due by the end of Wednesday’s lesson.  Please post a link to that blog post as a response to this one.  Thanks!

We will use this blog as a launch pad to share your amazing work with the world.  What you are doing as a class is ground breaking.  We already have a fan in the making, in response to seeing your RSA videos:


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