Grade 9 and Theme Development


thanks to for help with this post in building our ‘theme calculator”

Need help thinking about themes, go here:

Do a Google Image search for George Segal sculptures.  Look at the artist’s work.

What THEMES do you see emerging from his work?

How do we calculate theme?

Answer the question on YOUR blog in 350 words.  Use AT LEAST three of Segal’s sculptures in your blog post.


Characters:  What kind of people does the story deal with?


Plot:  What do the characters do?  Are they in control of their lives, or are they controlled by fate?


Motivation:  Why do the characters behave as they do, and what motives dominate them?


Style:  How does the author perceive reality?


Tone:  What is the author’s attitude towards his subject?


Values:  What are the values of the characters in the story?  What values does the author seem to promote?

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