15 responses to “Post Assessment Reflection Gr 9

  1. For this assessment task I think that the TED talks helped me the most to complete the assessment task, because they were very inspirational in giving me ideas on how to structure my story and how to make my story more unique. I am very pleased with the grade that I received, the TED talks definitely played a huge rule in me receiving this grade.

  2. I believe that I mostly put contribution to the tall tale, followed by my friends who gave a lot of comments on my tall tale and share her opinions on rooms for improvement. On what helped me the most is my imaginary.

  3. http://blogs.swa-jkt.com/swa/10786/ <- That is my blog, and a lot of things helped me in this assessment task. For one, the movies that Ms. Tricia showed me, they all gave me ideas and that was how I improved the different parts of the story. Secondly, I went back to the music room. I actually sat there while writing my tall tale, so I got to relive the experience while writing the story. Third and finally, my friends. The target chart and survey I made got different comments from different people and these comments all told me where to change and how to change, so all these three things helped me a lot.

  4. My school blog: http://blogs.swa-jkt.com/swa/10556/
    The criteria really helped me complete the assessment task. With the criteria I can understand more on what s expected of me and my assessment task. I would also like to thank Adellea (my 4 year classmate) because she helped me with my english language and giving comments on how to improve my story.

  5. The thing that helped me the most? I’m not sure myself either. I think everything helped me. My friends helped me. They gave me ideas and help me spot and correct minor errors that would’ve mess up the whole story.

  6. None helps me except myself. I also get a bit help from the survey, which I got 4 answers. I also got some help from the dictionary, because it gives me a definition of various words.

  7. The person who answer my survey were the one who help me. And I ask some suggestions to my family too like my sister and my brother. They help me a lot. I was happy with the scores I get. Except for my organization. It could be much better. I was happy with my scores. The total of the score are 18.

  8. I think the TED video help me the most for this first assessment task because it gave me inspiration and ideas to wrote and improve my tall tale.

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