Gr 9’s Vlog On!


In preparation for our post-vacation presentations, you have some planning to do!

You will VLOG your work this week.  

What does that mean?

For each class this week, you will video yourself discussing how you used that day’s lesson to prepare. You then need to upload the video to Youtube (unlisted of course!) and post that link here. This work is independent.  

How long should my Vlog be?

2-3 minutes. Feel free to give us a glimpse at your performance.  Use your vlog session to record your rehearsal.

Additional Questions to VLOG with:

What will the POINT of my presentation be?  What do I want my audience to remember?

What is the biggest challenge I will face with this project?  How will I work WITH that challenge?

What is my timeline?  What steps do I need to take to ensure my work is ready when I return?

What will be unique about my presentation?

What do others think about my idea?  

Need a reminder of the task details?

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