Grade 9 Tall Talers, Get Inspired

RESPOND:  Which of the provocations MOST helps you as a TALL TALE writer?  Why? Please respond in 50-60 words.  How will that resource help you revise your work?

12 responses to “Grade 9 Tall Talers, Get Inspired

  1. I think that the provocation that will help me the most is the last one, the one about hooks, the way to write a good assignment, and a good way to write an introduction. I think that this will help me the most because my tall tale is technically about something that is not that interesting, and there are not so many people that I can take different views from, so I have a limited amount of opinions and ideas. This is why I think this last one will help me, because it will help me make a boring story into something interesting.

  2. The last video we watched ‘The Art of Good Beginnings’ has helped me and taught me a lot on how to write good beginnings. It provokes my imagination and creativity, but it has also directed me on how to write it down and attract readers. The video helps me to also know what readers want and what attracts the readers. Now I can revise my story and make it more attractive to the readers.

  3. I think the last video, “The Art of Good Introductions”, which explains about how to write a good introduction is the best among all videos because it helps me to remember not to start a story with a boring ordinary introduction but, an interesting sentences that attract the reader.

  4. The video “The Art of Introduction” definetely helped me the most and gave me the most inspiration to improve my tale tale. This is because it explained and analyzed how to make an effective introduction and they even gave us examples from other authors. This resource will be able to help me to revise my introduction to interest reader, by creating an effective thesis statement.

  5. I think that the first video, The Art of Good Beginnings, was the most helpful to me when I am writing because it expands on how to use metaphors and similes as a literary device to use as a tool while writing any sort of story. More than that, metaphors and similes also appear to contain a degree of tall tales and imagination.

  6. The video that helped me the most as a writer was the last video ‘The Art of Good Introduction’. Firstly, it wasn’t boring and it caught my attention because of the way it was explaining. The animations in the video was unique and powerful which made me to watch the whole video from the beginning until the end. The video’s main idea was not to put the introduction in the beginning, but to put thesis instead and put the introduction as the ending. I also learned that we shouldn’t get bored while writing the story because it will make the reader bored too. I want to be the best writer who can entertain the reader, and have fun while writing at the same time.

  7. I think “The Art of Good Beginnings” is the video which inspired me more as a writer. Every writer wishes that his/hers work be read, but first the writer must create something worth reading, It’s like fishing with a clever fish, you have to drop bait, nice and slowly, to lead the fish down the path you wanted. Always put something nice and meaty infront, something the fish will think that is worth it’s time. Watching the video makes me wonder is my own beginning attractive enough.

  8. I think “The Art of Good beginning ” video inspired me and it will help me as a Tall Tale writer, because my tall tale is quite boring to read. Almost writings should be quite exciting and fun to read and not to be bored for readers. So the video makes me start to revise the tall tale and write it even more exciting.

  9. I think the 4th provocation helps me a lot. Which was the ‘Power of a great introduction’. I think the video was easier to understand. It also reminds me not to make the reader bored. To make a story more interesting, we could begin with our thesis statement, then end it with our Introduction. I think I might also try this in my tall tale. Probably, the story I have will be much more interesting for the reader to read.

  10. I think the one that helped me the most is “The art of the Metaphor”. I think this help me the most as a tall tale writer because they explained what kind of things needed to be in a story. And it also explained using a really creative and words that are easy to understand. They used videos and pictures while explaining, which made me understand more about the video.

  11. I think the first provocation, and in-depth video about metaphors helped me the most. It really tels you what a metaphor is and how it can be used. It helps me to come up with a new idea and determine whether it’s good enough or not.

  12. I really like the last video. Because it helps us to write tall tales much better. And they also mention how Charles Dickens write his tall tales. They also mention the orders of the part that we should wrote.
    1. Thesis
    2. Analysis
    3. Conclusion
    4. Introduction
    Introduction is very important. Why??? Because with introduction you able to make the reader want to read more. And also the part that I like is. If you get bored by writing your story, the reader will also be bored of your story.

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