Grade 9 Creating Space For Innovation

Today in class, using either Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, or the resource of your choosing, you will create the space for more innovation.

Select FIVE passages from your story that you’d like to revise. Create the opportunity for peers (and others) to respond and help generate ideas.

For example: Come up with three potential ‘hooks.’ Allow your readers to vote for their favorite, or submit a different option.

Do you have a title for your Tall Tale? Ask for feedback on that title.

Alternate endings?

Trouble getting the working in a passage JUST right? Ask for help!

DURING MONDAY’s Lesson, you will be asked to present (informally) on what feedback you received. Look far and wide. Use your blog to open the door for people to respond. Tweet, Facebook posts…whatever you need to spread your survey, do it!

Share your survey with me by 2:40 today! (link it as a response to this post).

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