Gr 11 and your A3 BFF

Tomorrow you will sit a practice Paper 1:  Comparative Analysis.

You will write tomorrow’s practice exam by hand.  You are allowed to bring with you notes that you construct in class today.  Here’s the ‘catch.’  Today you are practicing MAKING YOUR THINKING VISIBLE.  Huh?

This means you may use ONLY 25 Words in total on your A3.  The rest of your notes must be done by chart/illustration/symbols/doodles.

How can you organize your thoughts to ensure that you are ABLE TO COMPARE the two texts?

Can you find POINTS of comparison?  Where are the works similar?  Where are they dissimilar? Ethos, Pathos, Legos…er, LOGOS of BOTH works?

How does text A affect the reader?  How does text B affect the reader?

How does each author TRY to affect the reader?  Why does each author WANT to affect the reader?

Is the relationship between author and viewer the same for both texts?


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