Reading an Image

courtesy of DigitalNews Debbie Abilock

There’s a lot to consider when reading an image.  Today, you will respond to your second Paper 1 practice image.  You are expected to get 350-450 words down.  Use the above graphic as your inspiration.

Further questions for discussion:

a) How does the tone of the image align with the message?

b)  What does the author want you to think/feel?  How do you know?

c)  How does the title of the text add meaning to the work as a whole?

e)  What does this image allow you to assume about the author?  Why?

10 responses to “Reading an Image

  1. E) The image shows that the author could be sarcastic because of the fact the author uses a simple drawing to show how serious the author was about the article. In the title the author writes the summary of the article (long story short). The advice and summary given in the title is expanded in the picture. The author could have had a bad experience with foreigners but when traveling he might be a social and friendly person and meet a lot of foreigners. As the author has published this article on their personal blog makes this article less serious and less important. The article just shows the emotion of the author.

  2. 1. How does the tone of the image align with the message?
    The tone of the image does align with the message pretty well. This text is presented simply, with no color or fancy drawings, which implies that the idea or message the author wants us to receive is not hard to understand. At first sight of the bar graphs, this text may seem like something serious and full of information because that is the main purpose of a bar graph. But the bar graphs in this text are trying to express something like the opposite. The bar graphs is a playful one because it is not accurate, precise, it has no increments, or straight lines to be called as a proper bar graph. This implies that we shouldn’t look at this text too heavily.
    2. How does the title of the text add meaning to the work as a whole?
    The title of this text is “Use those frequent flier miles”, which is related to airplanes and traveling. The meaning that this title adds to the work as a whole is that we can connect to people while traveling on the plane. Getting to know more people can help us eliminate a lot of misunderstandings and prejudice we have for other countries or kinds of people. This also implies that we human are blinded by information that is shown to us about different people that may not be always true.

  3. a) First of all, the illustrator of this message is trying to tell the audience that if we travel more (use more frequent flier miles) we will be able to meet more foreigners whom we have stereotypes and fear on. She is saying that by getting more opportunities to meet and get to know of them, your fear and hatred that were built from rumors and stereotypes will no longer exist, which will eventually help you to understand the foreigners. Her tone of the image is informal since she is expressing her ideas by doodling. She drew bar graphs that are often shown in serious and technical subjects like math, ITGS, Science to make statistics on her own playful way. By doing that the author is making her tone informal, less serious, and easy for audiences to relate because anybody can draw the bar graphs that she created. I think by selecting to express her serious ideas in an informal way, it is more effective for the audience to understand and read since most people prefer looking at a simple image instead of reading thousand-worded articles.

    c) The title of the text played a big part to help me understand the meaning of her work. At first when I saw this text, I focused on recognizing the bar graphs and the texts written below the graph. I couldn’t understand a single thing by just looking at those two things. Then I realized that there was a title to this image, which was “Use those frequent flier miles”. After seeing the title I thought that by getting on planes, people have opportunities to meet people from all different parts of the world who head to the same destination and have time to have conversation.

  4. The message of the image is to tell the audience that lots of people around the world like to assume that a certain race is something they not necessarily are just because of a certain group of people that they know. For instance, someone in America might assume that Asians are smart just because of the population of Asians in America that they interact with are diligent and book-smart. This might not be the case because they have not yet travelled around Asia to have a say in Asians.

    Since the text is made in a sort of cartoon-y format, it gives the audience the impression that the writing is making it sort of a joke. The text is presented in a sort of doodle manner, giving it the impression that it’s something that everyone does so that people in general can relate to it. The fact that it’s written in a bar graph gives it a sense of seriousness and statistical, which in this case is sort of true because people do judge a certain race or nation just by the small group of individuals they know.

    In my opinion, the author wants the reader to consider the idea and realize that it’s true. The author wants the reader to realize that it’s not rational to judge others without looking at the bigger picture. This shows from the second bar graph where it shows that when a man knows more about a certain subject or idea, he will view it in a much open-minded perspective.

    c) How does the title of the text add meaning to the work as a whole?
    The title of the text gives the reader the idea that we need to travel more around the world to be able to judge something without being prejudiced. The word “frequent flyer” in there

    e) What does this image allow you to assume about the author? Why?

  5. a) The tone of this picture is very informal, as even though bar graphs are usually associated with serious, technical issues, the graphs in this picture seems as though it was drawn casually by children or teenagers that could care-less about their maths homework. This relaxed tone relates to simplicity, which aligns quite well with the message. Hatred, here, is then seen as something simple, and a problem that can be easily fixed. By getting to know more diverse people, in this case by traveling with frequent flier miles, we learn to understand more about them and lose our racial biases, resulting in less hatred. Lastly, the simplicity of this picture shows how silly it is to just hate those that we don’t know, by looking at the bigger picture.

    b) In my opinion, the author wants me to realize that hatred is all caused by misunderstandings and false impressions; we don’t actually know who we hate. This picture makes me feel as if the more people I get to know the more I will love. If we compare the left side of the picture against the right, the more foreigners he hates, the less he knows, and vice versa. To know more foreigners, he will need to travel more, and by using frequent flier miles (because its cheaper than buying normal flight tickets), he can travel more and hate less.

    c) Without the title, I wouldn’t be able to connect the message with traveling. I might have related it to other topics like racism or cultural bias and hatred, for example.

    d) This message shows us that the author might be a very friendly and open-minded person. A simple one, who doesn’t like to find trouble and steam up hatred amongst people. The author seems like a very non-judgmental individual who loves to meet new people, and he or she seems like someone I would love to befriend.

  6. The message is presented in the most simple way possible. The artist made it look like it was drawn by an elementary student. I guess the purpose of it is to make the readers feel less pressured and more confident when “confronting” the text. This simple appeal also gives us a hint about what the text is about, which can’t be too serious and most probably, easy to understand. It can also indicate that the suggestion that he gave is easy to do, or at least, has a simple concept.

  7. a) How does the tone of the image align with the message?
    b) What does the author want you to think/feel? How do you know?

    The tone of the image doesn’t look really serious even there are bar graphs on it. As we know, bar graphs are used in technical class (math, business, economics), but these bar graphs are drawn like a doodle, which give the look of full of fun and playful. An index card that she used on the background is probably used to tells us that the reader have to remember of what she is trying to say as the index card is used to create a to do list or even create a quick remember to ourselves. So, I think thats the reason why she chose the index card to tell the message.

    Through, the index card, she wants us to remember that when we use frequent flier miles, we get to travel a lot and we would meet a lot of foreigners, and will put less hate on them as you are getting to know them. However, if you put your hatred on them, you would have less people to get to know and to learn. When you met more people, you will get to know and learn varied cultures + personalities.
    I assume, she has lots of experiences in her life, and that could be one of the reason why she posted a lot of stuffs on her blog. On her blog, she uses INDEX CARD, again what index card do is to create a quick remember to the readers as we knew that the job of actual reader is also to create a to do list or make a list or note to ourselves.

  8. This picture looks like its a doodle, which makes it less serious. However, the fact that she made the picture in the graph add a little bit of seriousness, and after analyzing the picture, it is kind of right. The indirect idea of knowing more foreigners leads to less hatred is realistic, because when you do not know someone(foreigners) very well, it would bring on some misunderstanding. This happens to many people, even between friends. The author is trying to make us feel that we should not judge other without even getting to know them. Also in a deeper thought, personally, this got me thinking that I should get to know more about all of the friends that I do not really like.

  9. The simple and informal text shows hints of seriousness and playfulness. The author drew 2 bar graphs, and while we usually see bar graphs drawn in a professional way, this one suggests that it’ not serious at all. Not only does Jessica Hagy doodle the bar graph, she only used 6 simple and easy to understand words. The author would probably be someone who knows a lot about frequent flier miles, as her graph shows the comparison of using the frequent flier miles card and not using it. Even though it’s an informal doodle and accessible, the text could not be understood by everyone, as not everyone uses frequent flier miles, especially people outside the United States. “Use those frequent flier miles”, the title, has already explained a few things about the text, as it seems like the author is trying to tell us that the idea is true. In the first graph, the number of foreigner ‘he’ hates is so much more than the number of foreigners ‘he’ knows, and this is because when you don’t know a lot of people, your first instinct and reaction is not to trust that person, since you don’t know anything about them or you haven’t even met them yet. The second graph is the opposite, showing the after effects of traveling and meeting people (using the frequent flier miles), and how the number of foreigner ‘he’ knows is so much more than the number of foreigners ‘he’ hates.
    This text somehow tells me that the author is a sarcastic person, because she uses bar graphs while describing something in a playful way, which shows a large difference.

  10. a) How does the tone of the image align with the message?
    As you can see above the image is off two bar graphs drawn in a way one would doodle in a boring English class. The tone of it is pretty nonchalant yet as I dissect this image more and more, I realize the depth and truth of it all. Notice the actual images are bar graphs, something statistical and full of fact. It is fact. Everything is simple, and the results are simple. Just by putting those words up on top, Jessica Haggy is able to send us a message through the subtlest ways. She uses an actual computer font this time, we know it’s a title that is meant to make you think and feel.
    b) What does the author want you to think/feel? How do you know?
    The author wants us to realize that the more we travel, the more we experience, the more open we become. We won’t understand what why we hate until we actually find out for ourselves why other people are different. With personal bias and the ability to communicate with free will, one can easily spread false information of a race. Making the first impression a bad one. One could think because everyone taught him/her that African-Americans were dirty and just disgusting, she might believe it because she has never actually understood and met that type of person. Misunderstandings and false information generates fear, hate, and disgust. She wants you to think about how this can affect one race. Also how being open minded to cultural differences can really break barriers for someone. To truly appreciate and love others, one must go and experience them and understand why they live the wat they live.

    c) How does the title of the text add meaning to the work as a whole?
    The title of the text is asking you to use your frequent flier more. Live a little have, have fun and travel. Experience the world and be open to new ideas and cultures. I believe the meaning of the work as a whole is to break the biases and the boundaries we have created and unite the world. The differences are what makes this world fun and interesting to live in so enjoy other cultures and make some friends. It also adds the meaning because it focuses our thoughts into the idea of travelling.
    d) What does this image allow you to assume about the author? Why?
    This text lets me assume that she is a great person who is outgoing and loves to travel, indulge in exotic cuisine, and have her own show on discovery travel. The reason I say this is because she has such great understanding of how the general people think and why they think that way. She most likely makes a lot of friends and has many around the world already.

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