16 responses to “1+1=3

  1. Well, storytelling can shift one’s thinking by telling them the story in other people’s perspective and also gives a strong imagery of the story itself. The words that we say when we’re story telling can also shift one’s thinking because adding strong and meaningful words has more impact than just saying what’s there.

  2. The perspective from the story that it is told is what manipulates one’s thinking. But for manipulation to happen, the story itself needs to appeal to others first. In Mr. Burns’s mind, the story doesn’t have to be logical but it has to be interesting to make it significant enough to have the power to shift one’s thinking.

  3. Storytelling is a story based from the storyteller’s point of view, which is pretty much an opinion. The way the storyteller’s way of interpreting the story and adding powerful words really matters since it will affect one’s mind about something which as a result will shift one’s thinking.

  4. Storytelling shifts one thinking by manipulating. If someone cries when he tells a story that was purposely done by making us feel the story and connecting with the story. Using powerful words also will shifts one thinking by creating imagery.

  5. For Mr. Burns, how does story telling shift ones thinking?

    Story telling shift ones thinking by altering the individuals way of seeing things. It can change an individual’s point of view by giving a clearer picture of certain things. Nevertheless, imagination is still important. When we listen to a speech or story, we draw ourselves the scene or imagery of the story in our minds, expanding our fields of knowledge and giving us a better picture of the story.

  6. He said that every story has a manipulative concept where we are being “fooled” by the story to add emotion to our opinions and personal feelings. It makes people think “Wow, this story is very good” whereas in reality, such the movie is just fooling your senses. This is the thing that makes stories an effective way of influencing someone, of inspiring someone.

  7. Ken Burner talks about manipulation towards the audience when it comes to story telling. He talks about his film he made for example (the baseball). To be successful in manipulating the audience, we have to be honest and genuine in ourselves. If we don’t have an interest in our personality when we are doing storytelling, how can we also move the audience to feel what we feel?

  8. Ken burns told how does storytelling manipulate audience in his documentary. Storytelling is like part of memories that we have told but it needs to be success. To be a success storytelling, we need to tell how does the storyteller’s point of view by using an imagery of the story or draw a better picture of story.

  9. After watching the video, Mr.Burns had pointed out something. “All story is manipulation”. We usually say, oh, this story moved me to tears. But it’s all just manipulation. The best way for storytellers to move an audience, is by being honest and genuine with ourselves. Storytellers also goes the same with film makers where they are trying to capture the attention of an audience.

  10. I think storytelling shift one’s thinking by telling them fictionalized or documentary stories and let them believe in something else. People listen to the stories and will start having fantasies related to what they heard, and have their thoughts shifted. Mr. Burns has a really good taste in storytelling, I think he shifts ones thinking easily just by his speech.

  11. From watching this video it tells us about histories are just manipulated. Mr Burns tells that stories who touches peoples feeling is all been manipulated, it is not 100% reality inside the story. The cause of great stories and what people admire is just because the writer has a great skill of manipulate a story. Mr Burn wrote the history back what is the actual story about some histories because all of them are manipulated and change people’s believes on this centuries. Such as a black famous baseball player were known as a legend in this century but Mr Burn wrote it back what is the actual story about it because it is an actual sad story about him.

  12. For Mr. Burns, storytelling is not something that can lasts forever. He said that a story is simply a media used to change someone’s mind about something; to manipulate people’s mind. He talked about the idea that storytelling is made to fool someone’s senses to made him/her change his/her mind.

  13. Storytelling can change many things, it can change the reader’s attitude to a story, by changing a boring story and make it interesting. And changing the attitude of the reader it shifted the reader’s thinking. And yes, as what Mr. Burns said if you don’t like a story, you can quit reading the story, change a story, or change yourself.

  14. The mind sees what it wants to see. That basis is what makes story telling an excellent media to shift one’s thinking. A story tells people different aspects of life, people, world, attitude, cultures and even a whole new world. With just that, it can manipulate one’s mind into thinking from a new view point, perhaps a window to something that they’ve never encountered before.

  15. Storytelling is telling story of something significant that had happened. It can shift other people’s thinking by telling the story in different point of views. People think differently and focuses on different things when telling the stories. It shifts other people’s thinking by including meaningful and powerful words.

  16. After watching Mr. Burn’s video, I learned that storytelling can shift one’s thinking through manipulation. Storytelling has been all about manipulation he said. Documentaries have been manipulated by writers to create things more interesting. Which is kind of sad when you think about it. Although through manipulation we are able to make people move unlike the inconvenient truth. Although you still have a choice by the end of the day: quit, change the story or change yourself.

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