15 responses to “Grade 9 Storytellers: A clue for you

  1. He has talked about the different aspects of story-telling and has emphasized the fact to derive from personal experiences and to also let the audience work. Suspense, Anticipation, Wonder, etc. These are things that would help me write a tall tale and he has helped explain things about them

  2. I think that this TED talk will help me with my tall tales because he is talking about story telling and it’s elements. He is also talking about achievements that we should strive for, the main one being wonder. He also mentioned that in creating our story, we should incorporate life experiences and also what we know about a certain object.

  3. He gave me clues on how to develop a story. What is needed for someone to create a great story, something that will get peoples attention. This will help me develop my story later on.

  4. Listening to this TEDtalk is like seeing a story being dissected. What is in it? What part of it makes the story interesting or good? We only read stories, but here there is the ‘behind-the-scene-never-seen-before’ aspect that we see, that will help us and enhance our stories.

  5. This talk has opened an entirely new aspect for me about story telling. I realized that this is a bit like fishing, you must have bait. The bait must be something worth the biggest fish, something he is willing to risk for, something he is willing to come out of his den. After that, you have to keep the audience with you, you have to give them more to keep them with you. Give them little bits one by one, slowly.

  6. The guy over there, had told us in the video that if we were making a story, we need to attach the audience in the story. Such as how he show a part of a movie where a guy was about to open a strage door. It also tell us that a good story have a very strong theme.

  7. What I gathered from the talk was that experiences in life and adding some elements, such as; wonder and anticipation may make your story sounds more real and interesting to figure out.

  8. This TED talk has given me the advice to tell a great story by giving others the ability to wonder and to anticipation. It is also important have an ongoing theme that is present throughout the whole story.

  9. The best ingredients to make a story is to put some wonder in to the story. And he said that the story don’t have to contain love story, happy story, villains story and etc. He also said that “Stories are inevitable if they’re good but they’re not predictable.”

  10. This TED talk made know how to make a tall tales. Sometimes you might need to add your life experience in your story. You can make your character any way you want. You can make your character selfish, brave, etc.

  11. Andrew Stanton explained about the things that are important in storytelling. He said that storytelling is joke-telling. To make a story interesting, we need anticipation and develop the sense of wonders. These facts gave me some tips for my tall tale.

  12. He gave me a lot of answers to write my own tall tale. What we have to put and need to create a story, and things that make peoples attention. Also he mentioned we need to incorporate our personal life experiences. These will help me to write a great story.

  13. The TED talk was a great talk and gave me the advice which is adding wonder in the story is the best ingredient for story telling. Then it could make the story more interesting. Also he told story by using his experiences.

  14. He showed me how to captivate the audience through a variety of techniques and a few of those I hope to implement in my tall tales as well as any of my future stories. I see how creating wonder in the audience helps ameliorate the entire story itself by keeping the audience thinking before eventually landing upon a conclusion on what the story is leading up to and by that time another twist would revamp the previous conclusion itself. That is how the story becomes engaging. The curiosity of our minds are also engaged to it and we feel that we are a part of that story because we are able to relate to it. So basically, this video helped me understand why it is important to build up curiosity and challenge the audience in a story.

  15. The TED talk has told me to always create anticipation and wonder to the story for the audience. And that we always have to know what we are going to write from the very first sentence to the last that shows who we are.

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