5 responses to “One plane crash, three lessons…

  1. There was a bicycle
    There was a box
    There was a CD store
    Driven by curiosity
    Not all could fulfill my thoughts

  2. POEM
    I made a decision,
    to got parachuting,
    I was confident about it,
    it didn’t work.
    I could see myself almost flying,
    I failed,
    So I wrote this poem in heaven

  3. Buttons are so tempting
    That I go out every night with my friends and make one
    I was stunned by the magic buttons
    I’ve never been so anxious before
    This event has completely changed the way I used to be

    Reyhan, Joey, Wi Sung, Nicho

  4. My Childhood

    Little as a fairy
    Small as a wasp
    Curious as a hidden present

    I don’t understand the world
    But no matter what
    I always have
    A huge smile on my face

    Every Christmas Eve
    I got very excited
    Riding my tricycle
    Up to the “Santa’s Hill”

  5. Group Member: Adric and Neeraj
    Words taken from each group member: Disaster, appreciate and intelegently

    What is it actually?
    How could we intelligently describes it?
    How could we appreciate it?

    How did it start?
    Why should it exist?
    Why? Why?

    There are still many questions I want to ask
    But I know that not all my questions can be answered
    I may not fully understand our world
    But I will never stop to try my best

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