10 responses to “Grade 10 Word Puzzles

  1. I think Elena, Hyuna and Sally’s video is the best because it uses words to explain the connection between each scenes.

  2. I think the second video is the best word puzzle because the actions from each of the mini clips represented the words clearly.

  3. I think Hyuna, Sally, Elena is the best group because they are able to choose the right music and they are also creative with the settings.-

  4. I think the best word puzzle is the second video by Andrew, Gary, Mikael and William because the video makes us think more to what they are representing but then you can see that they portraits their actions very well. This video was also very neatly done, you can tell that this team did a very good job in such little time 🙂

  5. I think our group word puzzle ( Liam, Mikael, Gary and Andrew A) is the best compared to the others group word-puzzle because our word puzzle contains a lot of scenes that is relevant to the next scene. Each emotions have different connectivity. For example, one of the ping-pong player won the match and was smiling and the other ping-pong player lost but smiled.

  6. Elena’s team was the best because they managed to make a good transition between the words they chose and the music they picked. The others didn’t managed to do well with those two important criteria.

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